The Company

A empresa MORINHA LAB - Laboratório de Biodiversidade e Genética Molecular, Unipessoal, Lda., appear with the objective of providing services of molecular diagnostics and of investigation development and development (I & D) in the areas of Biodiversity and Conservation and Veterinary Sciences.

All the specialized services provided by our company are executed in our laboratory, allowing a fast and efficient diagnosis with personalized attention, adjusted to the needs of our clients. Using tecnics and advanced molecular methods we seek to develop/optimize innovative protocols that increase the reliability and quality of diagnostic tests.

Regarding the activities of investigation and development, we intend to collaborate with public and / or private institutions (universities, research centers, local authorities, among others) in the development of projects that allow to propose/implement new methods, technologies and strategies for management and conservation of biodiversity.

Being the company located in a region privileged in natural resources, we also intend to use the theme of biodiversity to promote and stimulate actions that include tourism and cultural and social interaction.